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Press Releases

Press Releases

22 July, 2019


Working-class Democrat Steven Cox is running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky to defeat the long-time incumbent Republican Mitch McConnell.

Steven Cox born, raised and educated right here in Kentucky is a working class father, leader, RPhT, and Healthcare Advocate who is educated in law, justice, homeland security, and emergency management with experience in business management, community outreach, and healthcare. Steven fights to free Kentucky and the nation from Mitch McConnell’s treachery and undo the evils he has perpetrated against the American people.

My name is Steven Cox. As a healthcare professional, it wasn’t my dream to become a politician. I don’t have lobbyists and billionaires paying for my election. This is David versus Goliath. But together, we can make a change. Together, our voices will be heard.

Please DONATE NOW to help Steven END Mitch McConnell’s Reign of Kentucky once and for all.

After 35 years Senator Mitch McConnell has failed to move Kentucky up from the bottom rungs of the nation’s economic ladder. Kentucky ranks #41 in the nation with one of the worst economies – Louisville Biz Journal writes:

“Kentucky has one of the worst state economies in the U.S., according to a recent study. WalletHub ranked the economies of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, by comparing 28 indicators, including GDP growth, startup activity and the share of jobs in high-tech industries. Kentucky came in at No. 41, with a total score of 35.88.”

Steven Cox is running to make the bold moves necessary to move Kentucky up the economic, educational and environmental ladders. Steven was born, raised and educated right here in Kentucky. It’s time we have elected representatives that are by the people FOR the people. As a progressive Democrat, Steven fights for Medicare-For-All, Public Education-For-All. Steven believes in strong 2nd Amendment gun rights along with sensible gun control – not confiscation. Steven supports a living wage for hard-working employees, increasing teacher’s pay, lowering taxes for the working class, ending the War on Drugs and ending prison privatization in favor of programs which really work. Unlike Mitch McConnell, Steven Cox supports relieving student debt and enacting corporate loophole closure.

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Steven Cox’s Story

Steven was born in Greenville, Kentucky on the 24th day of January 1986. He is the youngest of four children, brother to three older sisters.

Growing up in the hollows of the Midland-Gishton area of Bremen, Kentucky, Steven became interested in the natural beauty of the world around him at an early age. He was a curious child when it came to all things small, such as insects and other small critters that kids discover when exploring the outdoors. There is a funny family story about how he learned to swim by watching frogs.

Steven grew up as the technology industry was on the rise, fueling his curiosity about computers and electronics. He developed an equal love of nature and machine which fueled his curiosity and dreams about life and the future.

He attended Bremen Elementary, Muhlenberg North Middle, North Drive Middle, and Muhlenberg North High School. His first job was as a dishwasher and bus boy at Pizza Hut in Central City, Kentucky at the age of 16. After high school, Steven immediately joined the work force. He worked for over 3 years as an overnight stocker for Walmart in Madisonville, Kentucky.

Seeking new career opportunities, Steven became a life and health insurance agent for a couple of years, but was not happy as a salesperson. He loves helping people, but sales was more about helping yourself than helping others.

Working in a retail pharmacy environment gave Steven the opportunity to help people in a more meaningful way. Through hard work and dedication, he received six promotions over the course of his work in retail pharmacy, evolving Steven’s work into a leadership and mentoring role for other team members.

Steven became a fully licensed RPhT and earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice with a Specialization in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, all while working 40+ hours a week and helping raise his son, Isaak.

Despite the sense of purpose earned through his career, Steven felt that he could do more to help others in his community. He started a local group called We Rise to get friends together and focus on helping one local charity each month. For example, We Rise volunteers visited the local VA to spend time with veterans to thank them for their service by playing games and listening to the veterans’ stories. Steven’s group also raised money for the VA to help fund fun activities to better entertain the veterans staying there.

These acts of service led Steven to realize that many of the issues we face as Kentuckians and as a nation are due to our country’s leadership. Therefore, he decided to put his skillset to work for the people and address these problems. Having volunteered for several state and local campaigns, Steven once again felt he had even more to contribute back to Kentucky. He decided that now is the time to run for U.S. Senate.

Steven has the passion for healthcare and caring for people to ensure our wellbeing, the leadership and mentoring skills to help us grow and succeed, and the knowledge of laws and justice to protect us as we rise to become the America we know in our hearts: the America we believe in, with life, liberty, and justice for all.

My father has always been a hard worker. My mom died when I was four years old, leaving him to provide for me and my three sisters. It was tough, but he made sure our family was always taken care of. He also believed his life of hard work would be rewarded in his golden years.

Like many Kentuckians, he paid taxes into the system for decades. When he retired, he expected to be treated fairly. That’s the American Dream, but with corrupt politicians that dream has yet to become real. Dad kept his promise by paying in, but have they kept their promise to him and other retirees?

Medicare falls short. They say Dad doesn’t need dentures. They say dentures aren’t necessary. That put having teeth out of Dad’s reach. My sisters and I have stepped in to help with insurance, but that is not an option for everyone. Social Security is limited for many. Those folks have to choose between healthcare and a house payment, and for some the decision is between getting dentures or having food. Think about that. They have to choose between having food and the ability to eat it. Even without dentures, that check doesn’t make ends meet.

I’m committed to building a better future, where promises are kept and our families are taken care of. When you work hard your entire life, you deserve to live with dignity.

We all deserve a fair deal. That means expanding Medicaid, improving healthcare, and stimulating our economy through bold new programs. My father’s future shouldn’t be written off by politicians, and neither should yours.

That’s why I’m running for Senate. I’m over life-long politicians who tell us our problems don’t matter. It’s time for someone to acknowledge our problems and start fixing them. Kentuckians will no longer be ignored.